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The Centennial PTA provides science & technology enrichment through STEM programs, investments in the Learning Commons, student technology programs and the annual annual Science Fair.


Stay tuned for information about the Annual Science Fair towards the end of Fall! .  


Here are some helpful tips as your student begins to prepare their Science Fair Project:


To start, think of an idea that interests you and begin investigating. Here are some possible topics to study: Zoology, Botany, Weather, Space, Simple machines, Life cycles, Physics, or Geology.

Determine what your research question is. What are you trying to answer by conducting your experiment? Begin recording your data in your notebook as soon as you start.

Don't forget to read the guidelines and follow them. Projects that don't follow the guidelines provided in the handbook will not be judged.

Reminder: Growing bacteria cultures is not allowed. Student must obtain approval of the District Science Coordinator BEFORE beginning any project involving invertebrates, vertebrate animals, human subjects, or any potentially dangerous substance, material or equipment.

Continue to gather background research on what interests you and begin to narrow your ideas down to a specific topic. You can do this by visiting websites, the library, or by looking at science magazines. 

Keep organizing your thoughts in your journal and begin to come up with a plan and a timeline. 

Keep in mind that the more trials you perform, the more reliable your data will be. Please remember that pictures should be used in place of models when the project is displayed at the fair.

Write everything down, even the smallest detail!


As you're preparing to put your display together, remember to follow the display rules very carefully in your student handbook. Make sure your board follows the size requirements (not to exceed 30 inches deep, 32 inches wide when opened on the table, and 80 inches high from table to top of exhibit), does not consist of any personal information on the board or in the journals/reports, and uses photographs and drawings instead of actual objects or apparatuses. The actual display should include the backboard, the research report, and the science project notebook. The judges look very carefully and critically at the notebook and research report, so make sure you are taking thorough notes!

Please contact Mrs. Stephanie Greene with any questions:

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