At Centennial we strive for excellence.  In public schools that requires some additional caring, commitment, and funding. The Comet Campaign fundraiser provides that margin of difference for our school and students.  Comet Campaign, formerly known as Write-A-Check, is an opportunity for parents and community members to make financial donations directly to Centennial PTA.  No donation is too large or too small and every dollar counts!


Heartfelt thanks to the following 2020 Comet Campaign Families:


Ahn Family
Aloore Family
Alter Family
Belote Family
Bhandari Family

Boeckman Family
Boppuri Family

Browne Family
Byerly Family
Cannon Family
Chan Family
Chen Family
Chong Family
Chu Family
Clifford Family
Cooney Family
Dahab Family
Dominguez Family
Egoricev Family
Evans Family

Fan Family
Feinberg Family
Fossez Family
Garg Family
Geng Family
Guinn Family
Hall Family
Hamilton Family
Hassanein Family
Hill Family
Hutson Family
Iannariello Family
Jayakumar Family
Johnson Family
Johnson Family
Joseph Family
Kambli Family
Karthikeyan Family
Keith Family
Keng Family
Kim Family
Kovnators Family
Kumar Family
Kumar Family
Kumaresan Family
Kuntz Family
Li  Family
Liberman Family
Lopez Family
Makil Family

Mansfield Family
Martins Family

Massaro Family
McKenzie Family
Miller Family
Mishra Family
Naggar Family
Nelson Family
Nguyen Family
O'Dowd Family
Pitulescu Family
Rahimi Family
Reigada Family
Rippner Family
Rowe Family
Sakson Family
Salinas Family
Sandkovsky  Family
Scheinman Family

Schwabauer Family
Shah Family
Shipchandler Family
Shorey Family
Shrayber Family
Singh Family
Snyder Family
Srinivasan Family
Srivastava Family
Stewart Family
Sudhakar Family
Suk Family
Talari Family
Tham Family
Thenhaus Family
Uppal Family
Vatsa Family
Veerapally Family
Veerubhotla Family
Wagh Family
Wete Family
Wu Family
Yang Family

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