Comet Campaign (formerly known as Write-A-Check) is an opportunity for parents and community members to make financial donations directly to Centennial PTA.  No donation is too large or too small. 



This year we are excited to recognize our families who donate to the Comet Campaign.  Heartfelt thanks to the following 2018 Comet Campaign Families:



Adidhela Family

Agarwal Family

Ahangar Family

Ahn Family

Alavi Family

Alper Family

Alvarez-Suarez Family

Aponte Family

Arunprasad Family

Bachus Family

Baum Family

Beck Family

Bell Family

Belote Family

Berman Family

Bhyravavajjula Family

Browne Family

Cannon Family

Chan Family

Cheedella Family

Chen Family

Chen Family

Chhabra Family

Chism Family

Church Family

Cizdziel Family

Clark Family

Cooney Family

Dossman Family

Dhruv Family

Easwaran Family

Eckroat Family

Egoricieu Family

Ellender Family

Ely Family

Evans Family

Fan Family

Feinberg Family

Fishman Family

Furqan Family

Garrepally Family

Gaston Family

Gautam Family

Geng Family

Gidvani Family

Ginchansky Family

Giron-Madden Family

Gladwin Family

Goldstein Family

Gopisetty Family

Grane Family

Gray Family

Griffin Family

Guinn Family

Gundy Family

Hamilton Family

Hannan Family

Hingson Family

Hossainy Family

Hu Family

Hunsucker Family

Hutson Family

Jenkins Family

Jin Family

Johnston Family

Juvkam-Wold Family

Keith Family

Keng Family

Keogh Family

Kim Family

Kokkeragadda Family

Kumar Family

Kumble Family

Kuntz Family

Lertdilok Family

Liberman Family

Lin Family

Lopes Family

Luminarias Family

Lurich Family

Mantry Family

Martins Family

Massaro Family

McCutchen Family

McKenzie Family

Mirsepasi Family

Morefield Family

Morse Family

Mukund Family

Nanduru Family

Narayan Family

Nguyen Family

O'Connell Family

O'Dowd Family

Panjiar Family

Penton Family

Peters Family

Prasad Family

Rahimi Family

Richards Family

Rippner Family

Roberts Family

Rodriguez Family

Rooz Family

Rose Family

Sakson Family

Salas Family

Sheinman Family

Schwabauer Family

Shaheen Pasha Family

 Shaw Family

Shorey Family

Shrayber Family

Si Family

Sindhavad Family

Singh Arora Family

Smith Family

Snyder Family

Sriram Family

Stacey Family

Stanley Family

Stevens Family

Stilwell Family

Tham Family

Thienvanich Family

Tramboo Family

Traub Family

Walker Family

Welker Family

Whitman Family

Wilson Family

Wu Family

Zhang Family


*Please note this list is continually updated, so check back often!



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